Track The Mammoth!

Cada cop falta menys perquè surti finalment el recopilatori de 38 cançons pel Mamut Traçut. Aquesta és la portada que ens ha preparat l’Enrique Ramos.


El recopilatori compta amb temes inèdits de gent com: Jeffrey Lewis, Evan Dando, Robert Scott, Phil Wilson… i cançons maques de moltes bandes com: Alice Donut, Little Insects i molts més.

El doble CD quedarà així:




1. Jack Lesser Lewis’ Awkward Energy – Go Away Whitey

2. Little Insects – High Tide / Forever Endless

3. Berth Control – Girls from the City

4. Joren Cull – Fat White Lump

5. Evan Dando and Tortuga Bar – Storm (Monocular Remix)

6.  Orca Team – If…

7. Jeffrey Lewis – Jump Jack Rabbit

8. The Missing Leech – This is not Antother Song  About Daniel Johnston, This One is About Us

9. Patrik Fitzgerald – In This Game

10. John Vanderslice – Sea Salt

11. Rayvon Browne – Cocktease

12. Fosset and Badger – Fooling You

13. backpackparty – Settle Down Kids

14. Origami Ghosts – It Don’t Exist

15. Sam Destral – Març

16. Mike Absalom – Vegeterian Cat

 17. The Dodgems feat Punkdaddy –  I Blame Rock and Roll

 18.  Petit – Oblidar-me de Tu

19. Silver Phial – Seasons of Love

20. Robert Scott – Tussock

21. Jessica Denton and Geordie Frame – The Morning After / Carulli’s Faltz




1.Alice Donut – The Son Of A Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking Lot Of A Winn Dixie Listening To Metallica

2. Sickbrain – Jesus Needs a Delorean

3. Evan Dando and Tortuga Bar – Storm (Single Version)

4. Phil Wilson –  Pop Song Unreleased Demo

5. Randi Russo – Venus on Saturn

6. Lach  – Teenage Alcoholic

7. Oriol Stardust – (I’ve Seen a) Bicycle

8. Mr. Chill meets Punkdaddy – She Never Text Back

9. Liannallull – Omar

10. Lo-Fi Fun Factory – I’m So Liberal

11. Otis Mace – That Kind of Attention

12. Paladino – Mexicali Rainsong

13. The Creakies – Arnold’s Song

14. Like Noise – Smug

15. Ezra Furman – Cruel Cruel World [Clean Radio Edit]¿?¿?

16. Lluís Paloma  – La Nit dels Aminoàcids

16. Nik Turners Outriders of Apocalypse – Malamayan

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